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Dana is available to speak at conferences, women’s retreats, seasonal events, women’s breakfasts, prayer meetings, and special events for wives, moms, singles, and women of all ages.  Dana prayerfully creates her teaching and topics to meet the needs of your gathering, theme or scripture focus. She points each woman’s heart to the cross and to God’s love for her, assuring her that she can make a difference in her world. Dana’s fee includes travel costs and a love offering conducive to your church budget. These offerings enable Dana to continue to speak and write for Jesus.

Dana Gailey’s Speaking Topics

1. Finding Contentment in Contentious Times

We look for contentment in the world around us, in the accumulation of stuff and the security money brings, in relationships and expectations we have of others and ourselves, or in our experiences and accomplishments. Moments of discontentment can turn into years, then into decades and finally into a lifetime of one disappointment after another. When we spend our lives running after contentment though, we miss today.  Paul, the apostle taught us that the secret to contentment is not in location, vocation, position, possessions, or people, but in a condition. The condition is loved, love by a Shepherd. Paul learned that contentment had less to do with circumstances or what’s going on in the world around us than with whose voice we are listening to.

  • Learn the root of your discontentment.
  • Learn to live in today.
  • Learn to live purposefully with the people in your life.
  • Learn to hear the voice of The Shepherd and to fight and win the spiritual battle for contentment.
  • Learn to walk in such contentment in Christ that it invades your world with His love.

2. Walking From Brokenness to Freedom

All of us are broken. Some of us are a little more broken than others, and it can be hard to make sense of our pain and live a life of forgiveness. That is why Christ went to the cross though. Our pain makes no sense unless we look at it in the shadow of the cross, the bloody cross of Jesus. Christ died to set us free, free from our sin, free to forgive, and free to live with great purpose. We can walk in complete freedom – on this side of broken!

  • Learn of God’s great love for you – especially through your pain.
  • Learn of His purposes in your greatest sorrow.
  • Learn to forgive.
  • Learn to walk in the freedom and love only found in those who are forgiven and who choose to forgive.

3. Living Life Knowing You are Loved

Stop and look at your world and KNOW that you are loved! Each breath we take, a tiny flower blowing gently in the breeze, the twinkle in a child’s eye – all of God’s creation points us to His love.  Often we feel anything but loved though. We fall from grace back into the law even though it was purchased for us on the cross. We then live a life of duty and performance rather than of loving relationship with the Creator of the Universe and those who watch our lives miss the message of the cross. We are loved though!  We can live loved! God gave His baby Boy to die that we might live loved and pour His love out to our world. Loved people  after all, love people.

  • Learn to grasp how wide and long and high and deep God’s love is for you – a gracious and perfect love from which nothing can separate you.
  • Learn that because of the cross there is enough love for your heart, for your life.
  • Learn to live the purpose for which you were made letting God’s love shine through you to your world.

4. Becoming a Woman of Prayer

Ephesians 6:18 tells us to “. . . pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” Because we are so consumed with busyness that we seldom stop to pray, perhaps many of us believe this is impossible. We can become women who pray “on all occasions with all kinds of prayers” though. All we have to do is look to Jesus.  Jesus did a lot of whispering to His Father. Though He was a very busy man, in those times with His Father He found refreshment, peace, strength, purpose, and direction. From those whisperings He saw the hand of God move in response to His requests, and it is in those times that we will find these things, as well. Our hearts will have no lasting peace from any source other than Jesus as we learn to lay our burdens at His feet and rest securely in His arms.

  • Learn to pray through your days.
  • Learn to rest in The Secret place of God’s everlasting arms.
  • Learn to grow in love with your Father in Heaven through intimate prayer.
  • Learn to wait on Him to do His thing.
  • Learn that He’s got ‘this’ . . . whatever your ‘this’ is.
  • Learn to trust that He is completely, utterly, and totally faithful!

5. Growing Older, Wiser, Bolder

We’ve had careers (or not), raised children (or not), had successful marriages (or not), and for most – seen our bodies slow down considerably. Our world is changing at warp speed, as well. So, Baby Boomers, what are we to do in this season of our life? Some of us travel, some start new careers, and some are limited by physical health or financial need. In whatever condition we find ourselves though, we are women with great purpose. In this season we have great prayers to pray, great things to learn, great wisdom to impart, and great love to give. It’s never too late to live with purpose and learn to pray. It’s never too late to let God love you so you can pour His love out to your world. The length of time we are on this planet is God’s business. We have no need to worry about that. What we do with our days is our business though, so let’s live!

  • Learn how to live with purpose right where you are.
  • Learn how to keep learning.
  • Learn a deeper and sweeter prayer life with your Father in Heaven.
  • Learn to live one day at a time and to see the eternal value in each day.
  • Learn to live free of regret over yesterday and worry about tomorrow, and free to live today – whatever your day brings.

6. Raising Kids on Purpose

We want our kids to love the Lord and succeed.  Yet, we inadvertently gum up the works when we compartmentalize our lives in Christ, living one way at home, one way at church, and perhaps another at work. It is all one life with one purpose though, and all of life for a believer in Christ is evangelism. Family, work, relationships, and raising children, all are evangelism. In our days filled with feeding, clothing, nurturing, training, and providing for our children, it seems at times like the darkness is overtaking the light and we are losing them to the world. Be encouraged though, because though we can’t control many things, we control the most important thing in their lives. That is our authentic relationship of love with God that touches our world. This authentic love is the single most important ingredient to our children having an authentic love relationship with God that touches their world. Little eyes are watching us. Let’s raise them on purpose.

  • You were created to parent your children to touch their world for Christ.
  • Know how to walk intimately and honestly with your God.
  • Know how to impart this purpose and intimacy with God to your children so they will touch their world for Christ as well.

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